film & commercial director's representative


we know good stories

at global players we match talented directors to hot projects. we're a boutique studio representing a hand-picked selection of award-winning directors to the most creative and innovative production houses in the business. we work with agencies across the globe and collaborate with partners such as pulse in london to somesuch in LA. seasoned hunters of the industry, when we smell a good story we instinctively know who should tell it and how to connect them.

marion kutta

global players is led by marion kutta, a trusted connector and consultant to film producers worldwide. marion has been winning pitches for the great and the good of the industry for over 15 years and is known for her instinctive trend-forecasting and super-human ability to make the unthinkable run smoothly.

marion kutta


director scout

we source rising-talent and have routes to all the big names we source free-thinking talent and visionaries with a fresh approach

director management

we find the most innovative clients and pitch creative and powerful concepts

production consultant

we know the business inside-out and offer strategic advice at each step of the process. we advise over every step of the process - from concept to talent to pitch.